Top 5 Sober Tracking Apps for #SoberOctober

Whether you are giving up booze for a lifetime or just for one month- tracking your progress has never been easier. There are countless apps that will calculate not only how many days since your last drink, but also things like calories saved from not drinking, money saved and how many AA meetings you’ve attended, if that is your thing.

Other apps allow more general tracking of things you want to quit, be it booze, cigarettes, sugar or screentime before bed.

So here is my roundup of the top 5 “Sobriety Tracker” apps I’ve tried.

#1. Recovery Elevator Sobriety Tracker.

I’m a huge fan of Paul Churchill’s Recovery Elevator Podcast and his accompanying sobriety tracker app does not disappoint.

Pros –A free, full-feature app for tracking sobriety- it shows all the things we want to know- day’s, seconds, money, calories, months, and even productivity hours gained. The best part: it updates in real time so you can watch the seconds tick off. The app also allows total customization of the tracker based on the amount you previously drank and on the amount of money you spent on drinking in the past.

Cons—The only con I can see if that it does update in Mountain Standard time (where the creator of the app is based) so if you live in Eastern Standard time or another time zone your day counter may be ahead or behind for part of the day. Which in the early days of sobriety when you really want to see the day number go up, it can be annoying to be behind for a few hours. Still, overall this is my favorite tracker app.

#2. Pink Cloud

For AA folks this is the one!

Pros– The free version allows you to track your sobriety and the number of AA meetings attended. The paid version shows you all the meetings near you and helps you plan which AA meetings you will attend. The AA schedule is very accurate and well-updated. It also includes a map of nearby AA meetings. The app also cycles through helpful quotes to bolster your sobriety. You can also create customized check off lists if you want to track other habits related to your sobriety, as well as track where you are at with AA steps like creating and inventory and listing resentments.

Cons– It does not track the amount of money you save from not drinking or the productivity hours gained. You have to pay for the meeting locator feature.

#3. NOMO – Sobriety Clocks

Nomo, like No More helps you track multiple addictions.

Pros–  This app has common addictions like alcohol, pornography, gambling, food and even codependency already loaded in to save time. It also lets you track multiple addictions and customize your time zone so your tracker shows the time accurately. It gives a cool circular progress wheel and is visually appealing. The app also has some built in “Refocus” activities that you can do to distract yourself if you are craving a drink in that moment.

Cons– A lengthy login process that requires email, username and password and even a verification email, which feels spammy and unnecessary given that many other apps just require you to enter your sober date. Also, the app runs a little slow and can seem glitchy.

#4 Habitica

While more of a general habit tracker, I’ve included Habitica because I like its gameified structure for tracking habits that will especially appeal to gamers and nerds like me.

Pros– You get points and unlock new levels for tracking habits. You can customize reminders on habits. It has a social feature which you can do with friends.

Cons– Not specifically an alcohol tracker so it does not have features related to sobriety specifically, unless you customize them in. It has a bit higher of a technical learning curve than some of the other tracker apps.

#5. Days – Sobriety Counter

The simplest to use of all the apps, this tracker also comes with a widget so that your sober day count can show all the time on your home screen.

Pros– Really simple and elegant tracker interface. The widget is a great reminder without you needing to go into the app itself. No lengthy setup required, just open and go.

Cons– Does not track anything besides sober days for one addiction.

The winning sobriety tracker app?

The clear winner for me is the Recovery Elevator Sobriety Tracker #1 and PinkCloud as #2 for those who want an AA-tailored experience.

Are there other sobriety tracker apps that work for you? Let me know any good ones I missed!

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