#SoberOctober Habit Calendar

#SoberOctober 2019 has begun! So I put together a special #SoberOctober Habit Calendar, inspired by Joe Rogan’s method of tracking #SoberOctober fitness with a point system. I’ve changed Rogan’s system of tracking target heart rate with a fitness tracker, to tracking habits and hours spent on the habits with points. This way anyone can use this tracker, without owning any expensive fitness gear.

Feel free to modify my numbers and set your own goals. Rogan has many episodes on Sober October but here is a short clip.

You can copy my tracker and use all or part of it to guide your own habits. This is what I track for myself, but what you track could be totally different. Adding a mix of some things that you easily do with things that are harder for you can also make the tracking experience more encouraging and lasting. So throw in some easy stuff and leave a note for yourself if something is really hard for you or if one day was easier than another.

Free #SoberOctober Habit Calendar:

#SoberOctober Habit Calendar 2019

Let me know what you think of the Calendar!

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